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As we enter into our Spring/Summer 2019 season, it seems fitting that we have been fortunate enough to renew our association with one of our favorite artists, Fabienne DELACROIX.

Beginning in 1998 in Carmel, Edward Montgomery Fine Art became actively involved in the exhibition and sale of artwork created by Fabiennes’ father, the highly respected and widely collected Master of the Naif/Primitive school of art, Michel DELACROIX. Michel’s work focused on France, his homeland, and primarily Paris. Over the years, Fabienne was groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps and was learning from an early age the skills, insight, subtleties, and technique of this cherished art form. Since her childhood, she has painted by her father’s side whenever possible. Early in this century, around 2001 I think, I visited Michel’s studio in Paris and saw the two easels, side by side, one for Michel and the other for Fabienne. It was like a fairy tale. But real. Our Gallery then began to show and sell Fabienne’s work along with her father’s.

Around 2006, Bertrand DELACROIX, Michel’s son/Fabienne’s brother, who owned several galleries in New York promoting DELACROIX‘s work (Michel and Fabienne), Axelle Fine Arts, and was also the publisher of all DELACROIX silk screen limited edition prints, decided to open a gallery in San Francisco. It was then that Edward Montgomery Fine Art stopped showing DELACROIX given the proximity of their new gallery to Carmel.

It has now been only a short time since Michel DELACROIX has “retired” from painting (2015). His paintings and prints, in thousands of collections around the world, are now becoming ever more dear. It is already a rare occurrence that a Michel DELACROIX original painting comes available on the retail market and that rarity is already driving the values higher.

During Michel’s long and distinguished career, he focused his creative energies on depicting Paris in all its infinite moods, character, and style. Fabienne, during her career up to recently, painted scenes from elsewhere in France (the Riviera, Provence, etc.) When Michel retired from the easel, he passed the torch to Fabienne and it is her now who seeks out the vignettes of Parisian life to capture on canvas, and the results are simply charming. Given the freedom now to paint anything she wants, anywhere she wants, Fabienne’s passion for painting is even more apparent.

After living in Madagascar for much of the last decade, she has moved back home to Paris, and we, the viewer, are treated again to the magic of DELACROIX in Paris. Fabienne’s paintings are obviously influenced by her father’s, yet they have a different flavor. Perhaps it’s the female touch? Maybe the sense of legacy she feels and the desire to honor yet not copy her father that instills in her an independent interpretation of their familiar style? Whatever it is, it draws you in, sits you down, and tells you a story. “Romantic” is a word that describes her paintings very well.

Last year, 2015, Bertrand DELACROIX was tragically killed in a hang gliding accident. He was my friend. He was also the guiding light, creative mind, and visionary who drove the Axelle art cart. His sudden loss was too much to absorb on many levels for many people and sadly the Axelle galleries were forced to close.

I am honored to have been given the opportunity once again to work with Fabienne DELACROIX. Bertrand and I had talked about the possibility not long before his untimely death so I know he would be pleased as well.

Take a look at Fabienne DELACROIX’s page here on our website. There you will see the first collection we are privileged to exhibit, and you can also read her biography. I hope you will agree that Fabienne DELACROIX is gifted with a rare talent and that she has something special to share with us all.

Thank you, Edward

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