Katharina HUSSLEIN

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Born in Wertheim, Germany, Husslein grew up in a quaint village surrounded by luscious hills and flowing rivers. To grow her practice and widen her perspective, she left Germany to study art in London, UK. As part of her studies, she lived in Los Angeles, New York, and Australia. Now based in Munich, Germany, Husslein has exhibited her artworks across Europe, gaining collectors internationally. Her original oil paintings have been exhibited at Artspace Warehouse Los Angeles and Signet Gallery, London, as well as throughout various art fairs such as the Affordable Art Fair London, Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg.

Inspired by paintings created by old masters and the immersive nature she experienced in the Black Forest, German artist Katharina Husslein paints in a representational hyperrealistic manner to capture lively bouquets and saturated landscapes. Husslein’s controlled and smooth still-life floral artworks derive direct inspiration from art history and flower photography. Flowers’ visual and tactile qualities, as well as their associations with love, femininity, and the natural world, have contributed to Husslein’s colorful compositions.

“I create paintings which capture the joy of the moment in time where everything seems quietly perfect and the flowers are in full bloom. A metaphor as old as time, to seize the moment and enjoy it to its fullest extent.” When you look closely at these paintings you will see all kinds of amazing plants arranged together in a vase, some of which may not flower at the same time. The artworks focus more on the colors, lighting, textures, and botanical details which make Husslein’s paintings so intriguing.

Husslein as a painter of flowers - like the poet or even the botanist - chooses the subject for her art, as more than just a thing of beauty designed for appeal to the eye. Flowers are instead, a multidimensional subject which lends itself to a variety of artistic sensibilities. The flower is beautiful, but it is also a vital organism, an embodiment of nature and a fact of science, as well as a potent vehicle for symbolism.

In creative hands, it can even become the provocation for stirring speculations on the character of life itself.

(From Reflections of Nature by Ella M. Foshay)

Little Flower - but if I could understand

What you are, root and all, and all in all,

I should know, what God and man is.


‘Flower in the Crannied Wall’ 1869

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