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Fabienne Delacroix is the third and youngest child of Michel Delacroix, a renowned painter in the Naïf style. Like her father, Fabienne looks to her native France for inspiration in painting. Her figures inhabit a simpler time and place, characterized by sailing, horse races, walking, and boating.

By their uninhibited enjoyment of these leisure activities, Delacroix’s figures hark back to a time past. Specifically, they recall the Belle Époque, the period surrounding the turn of the 20th century that continues to symbolize joyful living. Today, these works provide a peaceful respite from a very different world.

Delacroix’s works are steeped in the poetry of another time. Her quiet, lyrical canvases are windows on the past –that legendary era of memory and desire when life was sweet and pleasures innocent and simple, when people flocked to Deauville, Dinard, Nice or Monte Carlo on the French Riviera to take country walks and bathe in the waters off the shores.

Filled with soft reds, yellows, greens, and blues, Delacroix’s pastoral landscapes show a love for color and light. They serve as a monument to the Southern region of France that has inspired so much of her work. Delacroix’s paintings are also steeped in French painting traditions, looking to the subject matter of the Impressionists and, in some places, borrowing from their styles.

Born in 1972 in a family of artists, Fabienne Delacroix enjoyed a high quality of schooling following her father Michel Delacroix’s tutorial. By the age of ten, she showed her work for the first time at a gallery in Carmel, California, where it proved so popular that it sold out. Since 1996 she has been devoting herself to painting when her first three limited editions were such a success that they virtually sold out.

Ever since, her work has been displayed in Washington D.C, Boston, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans and Japan where she has regularly attended joint or personal exhibitions. Fabienne Delacroix’s growing fame has also led to numerous prestigious commissions.

Both in 1997 and in 1998, New York Nick’s star, John Starks asked Fabienne to create the official images for the Annual Celebrity benefit and Golf Classic. Posters created from each of the images have raised a significant amount of money for the John Stark Foundation, which benefits inner-city youth nationally.

In 1998, YES, producer of the annual celebrity AIDS benefit, Boathouse Rock, invited Fabienne Delacroix to create art work for its Seventh Annual Celebrations in New York Central Park. The painting was auctioned off at the gala event, and the proceeds donated to AmFar; America’s leading nonprofit organization which supports AIDS research, education and policy.

In 1999 Fabienne Delacroix was chosen to be the official artist for the Special Olympics World Summer Games (in North Carolina) and created three images for the event.

In 2001, her paintings were used as decor for a recital of opera of the mezzo-soprano Malika Bellaribi Le Moal, who performed throughout the year at the Théâtre du Renard in Paris and in several large cities all over France.

After eight years living in Madagascar, the nostalgia of her beloved country becoming too strong, Fabienne Delacroix moved back to Paris in the studio that her father occupied in the past in the 14th district of Paris.

Edward Montgomery Fine Art is honored to share with its clients and visitors these special, unique paintings of Fabienne Delacroix.

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