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Don DAHLKE’s Caribbean discovery is a long way from his native Oregon. Born in the 50’s, he is the son of a feed and garden merchant. It became clear early on that Don’s call was painting. His formal art training ended abruptly when an instructor suggested he just go paint! That he did. The Caribbean and Mexico became the primary destinations and focus of his work.

Don’s early pieces can be classified as whimsical, capturing the spirit of West Indian life. He also has experimented with abstracts in mixed media, revealing, perhaps, his more spiritual side. The current architectural series has been well developed with a program of originals and limited edition Giclee’s.

His strength lies in the allure of the island ambience, sun, warmth, and colors.

His trademark is found among the tropical shadows. Among the details within each image are objects of significance to his life through the years. The stories of which we can only imagine. Available nationwide, Don’s imagery appeals to those who desire a reminder of their visit to paradise. Take pleasure in the temporary escape to a place of tranquility, just sit back and enjoy.

It should also be known that DAHLKE is committed to an environmental social consciousness. He has opened his home and family to many and also participates in charitable events and organizations.

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