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David Williams is an American artist living in Dijon, France. His richly textured paintings portray transitory scenery as poetry describes a fleeting emotion. The paintings are recognized for quiet, simplified composition and vibrant, interpretive color statements. David’s work has been exhibited internationally and is widely collected in the United States and France. David Williams’ artwork is a continuing celebration of atmosphere, form and light.

STATEMENT “My artworks are influenced by nature, painting on location and the understanding of color, brushwork and design developing from the practice. Using a simple composition, with a few major shapes as a starting point, a finished painting emerges. Working in oil, with a limited palette of five or six colors, a natural color harmony occurs. My brushwork is broadly applied and accentuated by generously layered, textural paint, creating a nearly sculptural quality. In their approach, my paintings are contemporary realism. With a primary interest in simplified form I explore naturalistic landscapes and parts of our built environment evoking nostalgia and a sense of place.” “My lifestyle is fairly simple and contained, nature oriented and also punctuated by new things; my artwork reflects this personal aesthetic. Visually describing a subject without unnecessary embellishment and allowing the viewer to quietly participate is the experience my artwork offers.”

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