Charles WALKER

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Charles Walker was born in 1969 in Richmond, VA and grew up in Winston-Salem, NC. He received his BA from Wake Forest University in 1993 and his MFA from The University of Georgia in 1997 and has studied in London, England and Cortona, Italy. Mr. Walker currently resides in Dallas, TX with his wife Katie Womack, where he works full time on his painting.


Great Art Exists As A Glimpse

The visual arts pick up where verbal communication leaves off. Therefore, talking too much about art specifically can be a tricky undertaking and often is an interference with the experience of the work.

My work is primarily interested in some of the more intangible aspects of the human experience - mood, tone, and the atmospheric nature of how we as humans perceive the world. I don’t look to art to tell a story, to take up issues - whether social or political. All I look to art to do is to simply exist and in so existing to express something in the simplest and most direct manner possible.

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